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Talenti Gelato e Sorbetto

Design pieces for Talenti Gelato

Brochure and Collateral Design

After the package design was finalized, I worked on a series of pieces for Talenti, including business cards, brochures, flyers, and banners, representing the diverse variety of flavors, the brand values, and the company's history. These were used as marketing pieces for multiple wholesale merchants. [This project was created while I was Sr Designer at Tasty Concepts Design Studio.]

The Cuban Magazine

Magazine design and layout

Magazine Design

Concept project that would open cuban culture, and history with a non-bias perspective to the world. This publication would feature diverse articles such as political analysis, sports, arts, science and culture, aiming to close the still prominent vacuum of information coming in and out to the archipelago.

DC Central Kitchen

Press kit for DC Capital Food Fight

2009 DC Capital Food Fight

Complete marketing package for the DC Capital Food Fight, including posters, invitations, tickets, a full-page magazine ad, and promotional email design, with the purpose of creating awareness in the city about this culinary event to take place at DC Central Kitchen. [This project was developed while I was Sr Designer at Tasty Concepts Design Studio.]

The Jefferson Hotel

Full page ad for the Jefferson Hotel

Magazine Advertisement Design

[This project was developed while I was Sr Designer at Tasty Concepts Design Studio.] Full-page magazine ad introducing Plume and Quill, two new restaurants at the Jefferson Hotel, DC.

Mixed Nuts Packaging

Food Packaginf Design

Product Packaging Design

This is a conceptual packaging alternative for the nut industry. Intended to preserve the tradition of a simple paper cone package, while including the functional elements such as nutritional info, product description, and branding elements.

Allegis Group

Brochure design

Internal Brochure Design

[Created while I was Multimedia Designer at Allegis Group] This brochure is designed for new employees that come on board the Allegis Group team. It reflects and explains the collaborative culture of the company. It helps for new hires to feel welcome to the company.

Alto Tango Gelato

Ice cream store branding and design

Brochure, Menu, and Collateral Design

Menu, brochure, and postcard designs for the Argentinian gelato restaurant, Alto Tango, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Created while I was Sr Designer at Tasty Concepts Design Studio.]

Cuba Stamp Book

Book art by Yordan Silvera

Book Design

This is an accordion book showcasing an old philatelic collection that presents the First Declaration of Havana. This was one of the longest speeches in history. The accordion feature represents the uninterrupted time that Fidel Castro spoke in front of millions people.

The Art of Money Book

The Art of Money, by Yordan Silvera

Research, and Book Design

This is a book I wrote about the design of paper currency. Paper money represents a country. It is an art form in which the country or group of countries depicts its image to the outside world or to its own people. Currency is a very important piece of graphic design, communicating the symbols, characteristics, and ideology of a nation. Bills are small canvases filled with meaning that support an economy, buy goods, and are traded for work; they are also a source for domestic and international conflicts.

Gustav Klimt Calendar

Gustav Klimt calendar design

Calendar Design

Calendar design showcasing Gustav Klimt artwork. This calendar shows three months at a time. The remainder of the months would be stored in the box, which also serves as a base for the current months. The objective was to evoke an emotional response from the artistic display of the paintings, while maintaining the functional aspect of the calendar.

Cadillac Re-branding

Car concept rebranding

Branding Concept

Conceptual Cadillac redesign to counteract the downturn in sales resulting from the economic crisis of the automobile industry. I kept it as realistic as possible, rethinking the Cadillac brand, but preserving their historic elements.

Yes We Can Health Care Campaign

Poster design

Poster Design

Representing the core values of the health care reform that President Barack Obama proposed since his first campaign of 2008, which constituted of an expansion of health insurance coverage to cover the uninsured. The depiction of many sizes and colored crosses under the same flag, represents that race, color, creed or religion, or income, should be no factor when it comes to affordable basic healthcare.

Wire War Toys

Toy design and packaging

Toy & Packaging Design

Wire War toy design. Wire War consists of a set of 14 soldiers created from recycled CAT5 wire. This wire allows the soldiers to be flexible and versatile, easily adapting their positions to any mode of battle or situation. CAT5 wire is a very inexpensive resource material, as little as fourteen cents a foot.

TekSystems Presentation

Meeting Design

Annual Meeting Branding, Presentation & Collateral Design

Yes We Can Workers’ Rights Campaign

Hand Made Poster


The Art of Printing

Editorial design

Research and Booklet Design

Publication Design - A Promise Fulfilled, by Arnold Sagalyn

Editorial Memoir design

Book Design

Editorial layout, book jacket and cover design for A Promise Fulfilled, the memoir of Arnold Sagalyn. This book tells the incredible stories of his adventurous life and outstanding career working for the United States government.

La Tomatina

La Tomatina Festival Design

Campaign Design